Top 9 Best Games Ported from PC to Your Android

Best Offline Android Games From PC and Console Games – Developments on mobile devices now make many games not only playable on PCs and consoles, but there are lots of various game titles that are starting to be adapted into mobile devices. 

Well, this year, many good offline game titles adapted from PC and console versions have also been released to Android, as we have summarized in this post.

1. El Hijo – A Wild West Tale
Back again to the adventure game, this time there is a game called El Hijo – A Wild West Tale. This game tells the story of the struggle of a little boy named El Hijo. He has a mission to find his mother because bandits had kidnapped the mother while they were in the farm fields. After that, you will also do adventures with additional elements of puzzles and stealth, which are quite thick. 
Where the character you play can't fight, so you have to move stealthily, so you don't get caught. 
Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Adventure

Size: 1.20GB

2. Northgard

The best offline Android game from PC games is a game called Northgard, a city-building game with additional elements of combat. This game itself adapts Norse mythology. Later, players are required to master a new continent called Northgard. To do this, you can control a Viking clan. 

You can expand the territory or increase the population of the Viking clan by doing development, be it building houses, agricultural fields, etc. As a game with a city-building theme and additional battle strategies, this game can make players feel at home for a long. 

Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Strategy

Size: 730MB


3. Neoverse

This strategy-type game carries turn-based gameplay. In the game, you will take turns fighting against enemies. This game provides some action cards. 

This game offers action cards used to attack, defend, or do other actions. Attacks can also be more effective if you manage to do a combo on the card. 

Mode: Offline

Genre: Strategy

Size: 730MB

4. Fight Crab

A fighting game with a unique concept entitled Fight Crab. This game provides various crab characters as well as different weapons. The fight does not use the character of a fighter in general but uses a crab. 
The battle system is also unusual because you have to overthrow enemy crabs to win the battle. Although it seems absurd and unique, the gameplay feels fresh and entertaining. 
Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 519MB

5. Pumped BMX Flow

If you are a fan of bicycle-themed games, then the Pumped BMX game series is certainly a familiar title. This game is one of the newest series you can play on Android devices. This game carries the type of endless game, where you are required to go as far as possible.

Not only that, of course, there are various cool tricks that you can do later. Besides being present with pretty slick visuals, the presence of a day and night cycle also adds a more dynamic impression when playing.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Sports

Size: 93MB


6. Thief Simulator

Presented for the first time for the PC platform, the unusual concept offered by Thief Simulator is enough to attract the attention of game lovers. Instead of acting as a superhero to eradicate crime, this game will take you to play the role of a thief. 

Well, it can be played on PC, and now there is also a mobile version you can play. As a professional thief, you must do your job neatly. After getting the benefits of stealing, you can also buy a variety of much better equipment.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 273MB

7. Bladed Fury
The game titled Bladed Fury is based on Chinese mythology. Presented with 2D-style visuals and managed to package various elements interestingly. 
The visual display is presented with a unique art-style design. This game carries gameplay that is not much different from similar games in battle, where you are required to fight against hordes of enemies. 
Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 744MB

8. Infinite Tanks WW2
The next game is a game that is not only released for mobile devices but also consoles. With the setting of the 2nd world war, here you will do battle as a tank troop. Play the campaign mode to complete some missions given during the war. 
If you want more playing flexibility, you can also choose a custom game mode. One of the things that stands out from this game is the quality of the graphics, which are presented beautifully. 
Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 1.52GB


9. Streets of Rage 4

Being an arcade fighting game that is quite popular on PC and console devices, it also seems to bring positive things when adapted into the mobile version. Streets of Rage 4 has received positive reviews even though it is a premium game. 

Although this game carries a 2D visual theme with gameplay that seems classic, the combat elements are well presented. In addition to providing many complete characters with their unique abilities, excitement also comes from the presence of various enemies and strong bosses.

 Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Arcade

Size: 1.6GB

Well, that was our recommendation for the 9 Best Offline Android Games From PC and Console Games. With the development of mobile devices, the experience of playing these games is not much different from playing on a PC or console.

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