How to Introduce Yourself - Tips and Tricks

If we want to continue our studies or find work abroad, we must have good foreign language speaking skills, especially English. English is a universal language that people from different countries can use to communicate. If you are in a new place in another country, you may have to introduce yourself in at least English so that others can understand. 

How to Introduce Yourself in English

As a reference, you can see examples of presenting yourself in English below. Here's How to Introduce Yourself Good and Examples of Interesting Self-Introduction Texts.

Good morning everyone! My name is Eva. I was born on July 3th 1998 and grew up in Tokyo. I am currently studying as a first-year post-graduate student at the Faculty of Law at the Tokyo University. As for my family, I have one brother and younger twin sisters while I am the eldest among them. My father works in a accounting company and my mother is a housewife. My friends told me that I’m a friendly and enthusiastic person, honest and flexible to work at any time. I also can work for a long time without taking a break. Thank you

 A brief example of introducing yourself as a new employee in a company

Hello. My name is Eva. I'm a new employee here. Previously I worked in various well-known companies in Tokyo. I will do my best for this company so that the company can progress even more. I hope we can work together as a team. Thank you

If you are appointed to be a speaker at an event attended by many foreigners, you may be able to use the following example of introducing yourself in English.

Hello, my name is Eva. I’m a accounting manager in a financial services. As a accountant, these are some things that I do everyday: Record and analyze every transaction, then make it in a monthly and annual report as a reference for creating policy for the company. I have to make sure an administration runs well, we are an independent company, and some other big companies ask us to audit their financial statements. Sure, it’s hard enough to work in this field but I like it and I’m happy. Okay, I think that’s enough from me. Thank you very much.

You can use this short example to introduce yourself in English to start a presentation.

Let me introduce myself, and my name is Eva. I graduated from Tokyo University, majoring in Architecture. Here, I would like to convey my research on Architecture techniques and their application. You can use this short example to introduce yourself in English to start a presentation.

By having English skills, of course, you will be better prepared when faced with these conditions. One of the primary things that must be owned by someone who wants to be able to communicate in English is an introduction. This introduction was the beginning of everything. 

Self-introduction for Students 

Good morning everyone. My name is Eva. I am a new student in this university. I was born in Tokyo, on July 5th 1998. My hobbies are football and writing. If there is a competition, I would love to take part as long as it relates with my hobbies. I think that as my first step to achieve my goal of becoming a famous writer. That’s all that I can tell about myself. Thank you.

So that you can be more fluent when introducing yourself, you can often practice yourself by speaking in front of the mirror. This method can also help you to be more confident in front of many people. Here's information and some examples of introducing yourself in English.

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