9 Best Survival Games on PC You Should Play Right Now

The Best Survival Games on PC - Games are always synonymous with using devices that have high specifications. Especially if the type of game being played is a survival genre game that generally has a fairly heavy size, this becomes an obstacle for lovers of survival-themed games who only have mediocre devices to play. 

Calm down, don't be discouraged; many good survival games can run well even if you use mediocre devices. Among the best are 9 games we will tell you about in this article.

1. The Forest

The Forest is an offline PC survival game that requires you to find your way out of a wilderness. In your efforts, you will be faced with various horrors ranging from wild animals and extreme weather to the existence of mysterious creatures that threaten life. 

This game becomes very exciting because you will be stuck in a condition where you have to look for various clues to find a way out of the Forest. And at the same time, you must also try to survive the multiple threats. This exciting gameplay is presented with good visualization, where the details in the Forest are given quite well. But don't worry, you can still use devices with mediocre specifications to play The Forest.

 2. Terraria

Terraria is a unique survival adventure game, and of course, you can play on low-spec devices. Although it appears in a pixel art style with a 2D visual perspective, the gameplay offered is exciting and addictive. Your task is to survive in the world of Terraria. 

You can build with the crafting or farming feature. The crafting system is also not monotonous because there are many variations. You will also face various enemies quite diverse with dynamic ability levels.



3. Subnautica

The primary mission of this game is the same as other survival games, which is that you have to survive by utilizing the items around you. Because the game's concept is under the sea, you also need to consider the adequacy of oxygen when diving. 

Your attempt to stay alive is difficult because many wild predators threaten your safety. 

Although the graphics look fantastic, this unique game still runs well even though it is played on a PC with mediocre specifications.

4. Don’t Starve: Together

This game does not present their survival challenges using realistic visuals, but with simple graphics but still feels very dynamic. The fun of playing is also conveyed through your ears with the support of beautiful background music. At the beginning of the game, you will survive in a barren land armed with only a map and must try to stay there. 

This game also presents several characters with different characteristics. Both in terms of gameplay and plot, this game deserves praise. Now for those who can only play games on devices whose specifications are not too high, Don't Starve: Together is a choice of exciting survival games that can be your choice.

5. This War of Mine

Have you ever imagined what it's like to be in the middle of a war as a civilian? Well, This War of Mine will bring that atmosphere. This game will present a thrilling and tense atmosphere due to the impact of war. 

In addition, you also have to face many other challenges to survive, from the lack of food and medicine to threats from snipers and other survivors. All packaged in a visual presentation can immerse players in the game.

6. Northgard

Next is a game called Northgard, a strategy game that will take you to survive on an island alone. By lifting the Norse mythology, here you will play the Viking clan. You must build a house and collect food and other resources to survive. 

The visuals of this game are pretty slick and even unique so that it can add to your strong reason to play. Along with development, you can increase the population or expand the area.

7. Minecraft

This series certainly cannot be missed when discussing survival-themed games on PC devices. Minecraft has become one of the most popular survival games to date. 

Not without reason, the freedom it provides allows players to do anything freely in the game, from exploring various areas to making any building according to the player's creativity.

8. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular survival games with its multiple advantages. 

As a survival-themed game, this game presents a unique thing, namely survival in the ancient world, complete with the threat of dinosaurs. 



To survive, you can collect various resources, make weapons, and fight with dinosaurs.


Still about survival in the middle of the ocean, next is a game called Raft. You will play the role of a survivor of a plane crash who is adrift on a raft on the high seas. However, there is something unique about the gameplay. 

Hook-shaped tools can pull objects floating in the water, such as debris from aircraft and others, and can be used to increase the size of the Raft and add various accessories to the Raft. Filled with fun things and pretty good graphics, but you can play Raft even if you use a PC with medium specifications.

Those are our recommendations for the 9 Best Lightweight Offline PC Survival Games that you can play on a PC with even mediocre specifications. 

So no need to be sad anymore; just choose one of them, and you can enjoy the thrill of survival in the game even though you are using your current device.

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