Top 6 Most Expensive Games Available on Google Play Store

Play Store is an official platform on Android devices that provides millions of applications that users can download, both free and paid. Almost all the applications you need are on the PlayStore, ranging from children's entertainment applications, economics, education, and religion to games. 

The game applications are available, ranging from free ones to the most expensive games on the PlayStore at a price of millions of rupiah. Games from small to large sizes and presented with increasingly epic graphic displays are also available.

1. Most Expensive Word Game

The most expensive game on the PlayStore is the first Most Expensive Word Game which is priced at 367 dollars. This game is suitable for those who like to play word games and have a lot of money and to play words with a budget of hundreds of dollars. Priced at a price that can be said to be very expensive, this game always experiences the addition of 2 new categories every week. 

Vadaaa, as the game developer, added five new categories a few weeks ago. How to play this game is to select the desired word category, for example, Food, Animal, Lifestyle or others. After that, you have to find a word according to the selected category; it can be descending, ascending, or even italicizing.


2.  Most Expensive PvP Game

Most Expensive PvP Game is One of the most expensive multiplayer games by offering many exciting features when played. 

The advantage of this game lies in the touchpad, which is easy to activate for beginners. to get the victory, you have to try to throw the bomb as long as it is timed.

3. Lousy Airplane

Lousy Airplane is the most expensive game on Playstore, which is interesting to try developed by the famous developer company Opulence. This type of game is simple and can be downloaded for various devices.

But for those of you who are curious and want to try this game worth millions of rupiah, of course, it is perfectly permissible. Developed by Opulence Studios, the game has a rating of 4/5 because it is considered too easy; you only need to press or tap the smartphone screen to keep your plane flying.


4. Buildr The Most Expensive Game

The next most expensive game on PlayStore comes from Developer BDV Code. In this game, you will take on the role of the most expensive tower builder. So players only need to stack the colored boards until it finally becomes a tall tower. 

Build the tallest tower and get the score according to the height of the tower you build. Because it is priced at 368 dollars, this game has not yet gained fans. There is no download history on the Play Store yet. Do you want to be the first?

5. Ball Drop Most Expensive Game

Ball Drop Most Expensive Game with More than 100 downloads by Emoclew Inc., is priced at 368 dollars. As the name implies, in Ball Drop Most Expensive Game, you will act as a ball and pass through various obstacles to get points. 

Although it has a relatively expensive price for a ball game class, this game is packed with a straightforward user interface so anyone can play it, including those of you who are beginners.

6. Most Expensive 2048

It seems that developer Vadaa likes to create big money-making games. Most Expensive 2048 worth $368, including one. 

Vadaa presents a number puzzle game that is quite complicated to play. So not only are expensive games to spend money on, but you can also train your brain while playing expensive games. This game has a pretty simple gameplay and UI.

This is a list of the most expensive games on the Playstore, if you want to try it then prepare your money to experience premium games on your android.

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  1. There is a new most expensive game now named as 'Merge-O-Mania' on play store it is a match 3 game with new feature.