Top 5 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates

Creating a website is not easy and requires a capable framework such as Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a framework used to develop responsive websites that have multiple themes. 

Bootstrap is widely used to create bootstrap blogger templates with various themes and can be used to create websites and landing pages. Multiple groups often use Bootstrap because of its easy-to-edit themes and easy-to-use features; Twitter, formerly called Twitter Blueprint, launched this framework. Bootstrap has gained popularity and is used by more than 30% of websites worldwide.

The convenience of bootstrapping for this website is that coding does not need to determine the components you need. This framework comprises a collection of CSS and Javascript files that make it easy for you to create a ready-to-use website. You need to drag or use several other components; you can create a website easily. T

he classes available in bootstrap are complete from other frameworks, from page layouts and navigation menus to animations used to make the website look friendly and attractive. The primary function of this bootstrap is a grid system that is useful for containers, columns and rows on the website. The appearance of your website will also be more responsive for use on tablets or laptops. 

1. Celebro


2. Engaged


3. Endgame








The Bootstrap framework has the advantage of a responsive display and provides a variety of professional and easy display features for designing blogs.  

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