Self Introduction In English for Students and Teachers

In this post, we will describe the example sentences used by new teachers and students to formally introduce themselves in front of the class. Actually, everything will go smoothly, but occasionally there will be a sensation of apprehension since it can be challenging to express the words that are necessary and those that are not. Being new teachers and students who have just joined the class makes it difficult for us to know how to introduce ourselves when we first start teaching or learning there.

However, we believe that after reading the subsequent articles from this website, you will all be able to introduce yourself in front of the class in a snap and capture the interest of your fellow students.

Therefore, if you are asking how can we properly introduce ourselves in front of the class? and get attention for being a new teacher or student? We have summarized several self-introduction examples for teachers and students, and they are easy to understand. Let's check it out.

7 Ways to Introduce Yourself in Class

  1. To avoid feeling anxious during introductions, practice the words you will use in front of the class.
  2. Come early so you know what class conditions are and use your hand movement so you don't look stiff.
  3. Practice first, you can see examples of opening words on Youtube as a reference.
  4. If you are a teacher then the next thing to do is to master the material to be delivered, including trying to memorize the names of your students.
  5. If you are a new student, then you have to memorize the names of your friends and prepare the material that you will study that day.
  6. Approach it in a unique way, for example using anti-mainstream learning media, which are liked by students and contain entertainment value but are still educational.
  7. Pray and don't forget to smile. a simple thing but often forgotten by teachers and new students who want to join a community called class

How to Introduce Yourself as a Teacher to Students

Example 1

My name is Abraham, and I will be taking over for Mrs. Melissa as the math teacher for this course. Mr. Abraham is how you can address me. I was born in London City in 1994, and I have a degree from the University of London.

Here, I wish to request cooperation so that students can share knowledge in the classroom. You are welcome to ask questions both in and outside of class if you believe the subject matter is too complicated.

I frequently chat about my hobbies when I'm on vacation, so if you guys want, we can play soccer or futsal together. Is anyone interested in joining?

Example 2

Welcome back to School!

Hello, classmates, my name is Dania. we're going to have a great study session in this class, and I'm looking forward to it. I am so happy to be back with you in this new semester.

In order for you to succeed and learn to endure on the road to success, we hope that this year will offer you an even greater subject matter. It's nice to meet all of you.

This year, we will travel to improve ourselves and further the education we have already acquired.


Self-Introduction for Students

Example 1

Hello, how are you all doing this morning, my friends? On this day, may we all be happy and well.  I would like to introduce myself now. I'm David, and good to meet you. I was born in Tokyo on October 5, 2006.

If you enjoy the same activities as me—playing badminton and swimming, for example—we could work out together on the weekends.

I also hope that you would embrace me and provide me guidance on how to behave in class. I hope we can be excellent friends and encourage one another to succeed. I really need your cooperation.

Example 2

Good morning, I'd like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. You must have previously heard the news about the addition of new students to this school. My name is David, and I was born in Tokyo in 2006. I am a new student.

 I also hope you would accept me here and be eager to assist me in making new acquaintances and adapting to my new surroundings.

Since I undoubtedly need to enroll in the new curriculum at this school, I would also ask my friends for help if I have trouble following the lessons.

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