5 Most Popular Deep Web Hacker Forums

Specific communities usually create online forums to be a place to discuss and share knowledge. Many hacker forums thrive and remain active for decades, but some forums die for some reason. Hackers themselves can be interpreted as people who have the knowledge and ability to analyze computers and their networks and even look for loopholes to enter them.

Hacker groups or communities had existed since a dozen years ago, precisely when the internet was starting to be known by people all over us.

1. Breached

Breached was founded on March 16, 2022, after EU authorities destroyed RaidForums. Breached was founded by an active member of RaidForums who wanted to create a sustainable dark web forum. Breached carries the same theme and colour as RaidForums, which indicates that Breached is the successor to RaidForums. 

Breached is the most popular forum for hackers because it shares tips and tricks from world-renowned hackers. Becoming a member of the Breached forum is free, but you need to pay to become a premium member who is given the privilege. 

2. XSS

XSS is pretty much the same as Exploit.in. This Russian forum is considered one of the most important forums in the cyberattack. Users can become XSS members for free, but there is also a premium membership system for users who want privileges.

3. Exploit.in

Exploit.in is one of the deep web forums established to prepare the ground for cyber attacks. One of the most prominent features of this Russian forum is that its members can trade and auction cyberattacks. This forum also sells VPN and initial access, which makes it a favourite forum for ransomware hackers.


Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) is a deep web forum accessible only to users with deep web extensions. This forum has a different membership system, where Chinese and Russians are more concentrated than other forums. To become a forum member, a user must have an active membership in another deep web forum or a reputation system.

5. Altenen

Forum Altenen is a carding forum launched in 2008. Users can access this forum with the surface web extension. In May 2018, Altenen's founder was arrested, but the forum remains and continues to be actively used.

Hacker forums are used to discuss security systems on websites and protect them from irresponsible hacker attacks.

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