3 Sample Speeches and how to start a speech with confidence

In the previous post, it has been explained How to introduce yourself to teachers and students; in this post, I will give three examples of speeches in English with various themes.
Speech is an activity of speaking in public or oration to convey an opinion, and generally has a particular theme and is an activity of conveying an opinion with good intentions and goals that have been determined. Many people often make these speeches, not only state officials, and generally have a theme according to the circumstances and atmosphere.

Speech is a technique of speaking using a series of words or persuasive language, which displays creative skills with expertise in choosing words that can impact listeners or the public.

Before giving a speech, of course, one must have thorough preparation, such as the script of his speech and mental preparation. Speaking in public is certainly not easy to do without preparation. The content of the speech defines you as the influence of others.

Here are some of the functions and purposes of speech that you should know.

1. Facilitate communication with the team and superiors.

2. Creating conducive conditions with one person representative who conveys aspirations.

3. Convince the audience and listeners of an idea.

4. Invite the team or other people to make positive movements.

5. Clarify the points you want to convey when giving a speech or lecturing.

6. Facilitate speech readers in conveying aspirations.

Here are five sample speeches on various themes, which you can use as a reference

1. Example of a speech on the topic of young people who care about the Environment

Good morning everyone

may peace be with all of us.

First, I would like to thank you for being allowed to deliver my speech on "Young Generation Cares for the Environment." 

As the younger generation, all of my friends must be more enthusiastic about preserving the environment because the environment has an important influence on our daily lives. If our environment is clean and comfortable, we will feel more calm and comfortable doing daily activities.

If the environment around us looks uncomfortable, tends to be messy, and has a lot of garbage, our activities will be disturbed and uncomfortable or uncomfortable. Therefore, we humans must be self-aware if the environment is where we depend on our lives.

From childhood until we grow up, we are always taught "Throw away trash in its place," constantly reminded, "Don't litter," but what do we do? Still don't care even about our used trash. If we can use, maintain, and preserve the environment around us properly, even garbage can benefit us more significantly.

Therefore, as the younger generation, let us improve to continuously maintain and care about what is in the environment around us. Moreover, recently there has been a lot of environmental damage, especially forest fires caused by the hands of irresponsible people. Soon the rainy season will also occur; if the rainy season, floods usually occur, and the government is always blamed for being unable to handle it, even though it is the people who usually clog the waterways by littering.

As a young generation who cares about the environment, we should have a role to think about how to prevent this from happening again or at least to keep it from happening again and not increasing. We can only do small things, such as educating the public about the importance of the environment or doing 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) waste. The problem cannot be solved immediately, but at least it gives a good effect daily.

Systems in the environment are closely related and bound to one another. If one part of us is damaged, the other will also feel the consequences. For example, if someone illegally logs in the forest, there will be a drought in the dry season because there is no water supply. Preserve the environment as gratitude to the Almighty Creator. Please take advantage of the environment without destroying it. Let's take care of this earth together. Thank you very much

2. Example of a speech on the topic of Information Technology

On this occasion, I will deliver a speech about the benefits of technology. At this time, many advanced technologies have been created to simplify the way we live in this day and age. With its sophistication, we can shorten the time and speed up the completion of work. However, some still accept and respond negatively for various reasons, such as that existing technologies have indirectly removed the existing everyday cultures.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are many benefits that we have and will get from the use of technology. For example, we can communicate with relatives or family in distant places using mobile phones. We can also make things easier in household matters, such as washing clothes with a washing machine or cooking rice with an electric rice cooker, commonly called a rice cooker. Even the internet is very familiar to our daily lives. Usually used to find information or relieve fatigue, such as playing games provided by the internet.

The technology's good or bad depends on the people who use it. I hope we can take advantage of the technology for the benefits and purposes of the technology itself so that no misuse can harm ourselves and others.

Thus this speech I deliver. Hopefully, it can be helpful for all of us.

3. Example of a speech on the topic of Drugs

Our country has discovered a new fact: a large number of drug users. Due to weak law enforcement, international drug dealers can cooperate with citizens freely to spread these illegal drugs in our country. The abuse of Narcotics and similar additives certainly has a broad and complex impact on all of us. One example of the impact includes changes in behaviour, health problems, a drastic decrease in work productivity, crime and other acts of violence.

We can prevent drug abuse together through programs held by the government, social institutions, and social groups. This program is like participating in social activities, not associating with drug users or dealers, and not easily influenced by invitations or seductions to use drugs. Because teenagers are easier and more prone to try something new, drug users in our country are also dominated by teenagers and school children.

In addition to the previous activities that I mentioned, the school has also often provided counselling to students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through counseling Teachers, then through discussions involving students in planning interventions and seminars on preventing drug abuse. At school. Another important program is the Narcotics alert program, which identifies the characteristics of students who use drugs, are aware of unknown guests or dealers, and conduct impromptu raids.

Usually, dealers and users in schools are well aware of the programs in schools to prevent users or users in schools; they, of course, anticipate them as best they can.

For this reason, let us avoid and stay away from and participate in eradicating drug use. So many speeches that I can deliver this afternoon; Thank you for your attention.

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