Top 8 Best High Graphics Games for Android

8 Best Android Games

Android games can always be entertainment in your spare time. Some popular titles are Roblox, Worms Zone, Minecraft, and many more.
You can also easily find the latest Android games on Google Play. So, which one is suitable and most appropriate for you? Especially for you, we have prepared recommendations for the best Android games. From offline to online multiplayer, it's all there. Reviews of each game are also available. However, we will explain how to choose one first for you.

How to choose Android games 

The best Android games can make you feel at home and play them. Your free time will not feel wasted. Playing games that suit your taste can refresh your mind. Therefore, please pay attention to the points on how to choose it below, so you don't choose the wrong one.


The adventure game invites you on an adventure to complete various missions. Like the action category, the adventure category usually requires speed and skill at certain moments. However, the intensity is not as much as the action. Some of the most popular adventure games are Genshin Impact, PUBG and Pokémon GO


Choose the casual category if you are too tired to play Android games that require concentration. This game is made to be played while relaxing. The gameplay tends to be simple and easy to learn. 

However, that does not mean this game does not offer challenges. Casual games can become more challenging to play as your level progresses. However, you can keep repeating it until it works when you can't finish it. If you want to try playing popular casual games like Let's Get Rich or Plants vs. Zombies, you can choose it.


The skills and appearance of the characters in the games you play can be achievements to show off. If you prioritize this, choose a game with a role-playing category. The game will invite you to customize your character.

As the game progresses, you will unlock new skills, outfits, or weapons. Certain items often have to be paid for with in-game currency or experience. So, you will be invited to collect many points to increase the character's status. Play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love or Eternium if you want to try a role-playing game.


Android games are not always full of action or fantasy, but there are also imitations of everyday life. You will find it in the simulation category games. These games usually have a specific theme, such as a vehicle or restaurant simulation.

Real Flight Simulator and Animal Restaurant are some examples of popular simulation games. The level of imitation varies depending on the game. Some simulate in outline, and some are very detailed. Some games in this category are even made to resemble the original conditions so you can experience another life.

Offline atau online?

Some people are comfortable playing the game alone, while the rest prefer to play it in groups. Don't worry; Android games are now available in various offline and online modes. Just adjust it to your preferences.

Online games are top-rated. You can find various titles on Google Play. This game requires an internet connection to be played together. Playing the game will be fun because you can play with friends. However, these games cannot be paused when you need to do something else.

If you want to be free to play Android games, choose games without being connected to the internet. You also don't need an internet connection to play it. So, you can play it anytime and anywhere.

Top 10 Best Android Games

1. Pokemon

Pokémon UNITE is the latest Android game from The Pokémon Company that pits trainer agility in Pokémon battles. This game uses 3v3 to 5v5 fighting modes. Your task is to destroy the opponent's base scattered in half of the battle arena while defeating other players.

2. Monopoly

You can play Monopoly offline or online. You can play with other players randomly and create a room with friends. This game is suitable for you to spend quality time with your family even though you are separated by distance.

3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game offers a fun MOBA game strategy. If you have often played this game, you will have no trouble adapting to MLBB.
This game relies heavily on cooperation between one team player. Like other strategy games, you need to beat the opposing team by destroying their base. If you like learning a match to the point of becoming an expert, MLBB will have plenty of room for you. Each Hero has its skills that need to be learned separately.

4. Free Fire

If you need a challenge, this game is light enough that the number of players is not tiny. You can fight against 49 other players on one map or form a team of 4 players.

Free Fire will test the speed and skill of your fingers in entering the correct commands. This light version only lasts 10 minutes in 1 round. So, not only fighting, but this game also challenges you to move fast constantly. Therefore, this game is suitable for those of you who are looking for a challenge.

5. Worms Zone .IO

The gameplay of Worms Zone .io is enjoyable to play, and you have to control the worms to eat as much as possible. The more you eat, the bigger the worms. However, you are not the only worm in the arena. If the worm's head hits another worm's body, you have declared defeated.

The rules sound simple, but the practice is not easy. Avoiding the bodies of giant worms is a challenge for you. In addition, there is a live leaderboard as a place to compete for prestige. Worms Zone .io is a good choice if you don't want to bother learning a game.

6. Roblox

Roblox is the most played Android game today. If you like to socialize virtually, you won't be disappointed after downloading this game. Roblox has a large community, so you will always meet other players.

That's not the only feature. Roblox consists of many games at once in one application. Some of his famous games are Adopt Me! and Jailbreak. For information, this Android game is top-rated among children. Children also will not get bored quickly because the number of games is a lot.

7. Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories was released for the Nintendo 3DS. However, the latest version on Android is given graphics with a higher resolution. Please note that the gameplay is different from other Monster Hunter series. You don't always fight monsters but also make friends with them. The battles also use a turn-based system that makes it feel like Final Fantasy.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games of all time. Roblox was Released in 2009, and this game still has a lot of fans now. It's no wonder that Mojang, as a developer, made an Android version of Minecraft to expand its market.

This game does not have a mission. You only need to create buildings and tools from the resources around you during the day. At night, you have to defend yourself from monster attacks. For those of you who are looking for an Android game that can hone your creativity, Minecraft is the choice. This game is even simple enough for children to learn.

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