Top 10 Best Iphone Games of All Time

The Best Iphone Games

There are so many games that you can enjoy on iPhone. Some excellent and fun iPhone games to play include Crossy Road Castle, Real Racing 3, and others. This time, we will explain how to choose iPhone games and recommend ten games that are popular and fun to play. You can also play games without internet access and AirPlay support.

How to Choose iPhone Games

  • Action: requires good player agility and reflexes  
  • Adventure: Explore a challenging game world 
  • Puzzle: Solve puzzles to get a score  
  • Racing: Race to be the fastest and take first place  
  • Sports: Compete virtually tirelessly  
  • Strategy: Hone your thinking skills and tactics to win the game

There .are also other categories, such as arcade, simulation, trivia, etc. Consider the category you like before downloading the game, especially if the game is paid.

Check iOS Version Compatibility

Next, you need to check the compatibility of your iOS version with the game you want to download. Along with the development of technology, the new games produced also have increasingly complex and fast graphics. 

Some older versions of iOS may not be as strong if they are forced to download the new game. Therefore, game developers determine the minimum iOS version compatibility limit so that the user's playing experience remains optimal.

The App Store describes iOS version compatibility at the bottom of the app description. For example, you'll find the caption "Requires iOS 10.0 or later". 

Top 10 recommended iPhone Games

Next, we will recommend ten of the best iPhone games. These products are carefully selected, taking into account user ratings and reviews. Our products are sorted by their popularity in the App Store.

1. Crossy Road Castle

It looks different from the previous Crossy Road. This time you will face various obstacles in the tower. Each room and tower has obstacles and enemies with varying levels of difficulty. 

If connected to the internet, this free game can be played by up to four players with various cute characters that you are free to choose. Of course, this game can be a light game choice that is fun to play when relaxing, either playing solo or with friends.

2. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer lets you form your team using various teams from the real world. There are multiple leagues to choose from, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and so on, that you can play. You can also play as a team with friends in real-time. Not only that but there are also world-renowned players that you can recruit into your team to compete on the field.

3. Pokemon Unite

This time, Pokémon comes in the form of a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that relies on teamwork to win. It would be best to collect as many pokeballs as you can from killing enemy Pokémon or wild Pokémon in the arena. The team that collects the most pokeballs and puts them into the enemy's Goal-Zone wins. These cute Pokémon characters also have their unique powers that you can upgrade if you are a lover of Pokémon and MOBA-type games.

4. Dungeon Hunter 5

In Dungeon Hunter 5, 94 missions require you to hunt down monsters and villains along with the storyline. You can also play alone or with three other friends as a co-op. Not only that, but you can also get more than 900 kinds of armor and weapons that make you stronger. This game is the right choice if you want an action game wrapped in a thrilling adventure.

5. Township

Manage farm production and build your dream city

Township combines farming and city-building games. Not only about farming, but you also act as a city owner who can organize and design your city.

Starting from building buildings, factories, fields, city parks, zoos, and others, you can do everything here. With Township, you seem to be able to build your dream city. You can also join a co-op of players from all over the world. Also, follow TV shows to make your game more exciting.

6. Real Racing 3

Inspired by arenas and cars in the real world

For those of you who want to feel the tension of racing in the real world, Real Racing 3 can be an option. This game features 19 world racing arenas that are similar to beds. Then, there are also more than 250 sports car choices from well-known brands, such as Porsche, Chevrolet, and Audi. The appearance of the cars is so detailed, like a real car.

You can enjoy this game on your Apple TV using your iPhone as a controller. This game is also equipped with Time Shifted Multiplayer™ technology which allows you to play with anyone.

7. Rainy Attic Room

Emotional game with relaxing rain background

Rainy Attic Room carries an emotional theme that can give a calming effect to the players. In this game, you will meet a friend who is depressed and lives alone. As you engage him in interaction, he will gradually open up and become closer to you.

Weather conditions that always rain symbolize the character's heart covered with depression and sadness. However, this rain background can give a relaxing effect when playing this game. You can also upgrade the look and furniture in the house to make your little friend more comfortable.

8. Tsuki Adventure

Follow Tsuki's adventures in a village free from the stresses of city life.

Tsuki is told as a city rabbit busy working in a stressful office. Until one day, he reportedly inherited the family's carrot farm in Mushroom Village, and he moved to the village.

Away from the noise and stress of city life, Tsuki begins his adventure in the village. Everything can be done in this game, from fishing to the forest and mountains to visiting the country's locations. You will also find hidden surprises on the way to playing this game.

9. Candy Crush Saga

Brainteaser by finding the right move to solve the candy puzzle

Full of colors and puzzles to solve, Candy Crush Saga can be an excellent choice for sharpening your brain. To complete the puzzle in the form of candies, you have to rack your brain and find the right move before the moves run out. To break the candy, you only need a combination of three candies.

You can also break four or more candies to reveal special items that help you complete the game. The higher your level, the bigger the challenges that make you need to think extra. However, you will enjoy this game thanks to its colorful appearance and supportive sound effects.

10. Street Fighter IV CE

This iPhone game deserves to be an option for those who want to let go of their longing for classic fighting games. Comes with 31 characters, Street Fighter IV CE is equipped with a high level of graphic resolution that will satisfy your eyes.


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