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Best Safelink Blogger Template Free

Best Safelink Blogger Templates - In this article I will share the best safelink templates for bloggers, equipped with various premium features Safelink blog is very suitable for niche blog downloads or those that have a lot of external links to increase adsense income by placing ads on the safelink blog.  

Here are some of the best safelink templates that already have full features and are responsive and there is a free version.

 What is safelink? 

Safelink is a website created to redirect users from the initial site to the destination website. Safelink can make it easier for you because you don't have to always create a new URL for each destination link. Among these many goals, the one that is most synonymous with creating safelinks is to increase the revenue of the main blog through advertising media.

In this article, we will focus on the safelink function as an effort to increase the primary blog earners. most bloggers use safelink to increase blog income, not for various security purposes.

Safelink System 

The safelink system works by manipulating the destination URL of the link contained on the main blog and directing it to the safelink blog page. On the safelink blog page in question, a link button will direct visitors to the original destination URL according to the URL contained on the main blog.

Nihlink Safelink Blogger Template

NihLink Safelink Blogger template is a pretty simple and good template. This template was created by AnasRAR, and comes with various premium features 

One of the features is that we can provide a password for our encryption link and we can also set whether to use countdown or not.  

Template Feature

  • Free 
  • Editable  
  • Unlock feature with password 
  • Sticky Ads  
  • Countdown Timer 
  • Random Posts  
  • Using the Latest Bootstrap Framework 
  • URL Encryption with CryptoJS (Not Base64) 
  • Etc
CaSafelink Free Blogger Template
CaSafelink Free Blogger Template is a template created by AntonCabon. This template is fully featured and built with bootstrap version 4, and there is a free version and a premium version.
Although this template is a free version, it is still being updated and has reached version 2.1
CaSafelink has a premium version with various advantages, one of which is no credit link, longtime, and full support. There is documentation on installing and setting up
Kompi Safelink Converter Responsive Blogger Template With Bootstrap

Kompi Safelink Template is a template created by Adhy Suryadi and the owner of the Kompi Ajaib blog.
This template is free, although there is a premium version. The features of this template are complete and made with a bootstrap framework and are mobile-friendly.
Kodein Safelink

Kodein Safelink is a free safelink blogspot template made by Irfan, the owner of the Kodeinblogger blog.
This safelink template is straightforward; install it, and you don't need external javascript settings to use it. In addition, the features of this template are also quite complete and have used 2x clicks for generated links. 


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