"Pixel" Best Blogger Template for Adsense Approval

Free Blogger Templates for AdSense Approval

Pixel Blogger Template is a free and open-source blogger template perfect for the news or magazine niche. Pixel Blogger Template is an excellent choice for professional blogs with a clean and fast look. It was developed by Aigars Silkalns (Puikins), Harshit Kapoor (harsh3029), and (trojan-Ali), who are professional and continuously updated.

Pixel Blogger Template comes with Documentation, making it easier for you to understand the features and the installation process to completion. Some of the reasons you should use the Pixel Blogger Template are clean, speed, and a professional look. 

Here are some features that you can adjust according to your needs.

  • Setting up Logo
  • Setting Top Navigation Menu
  • Setting Top Social Icons
  • Setting the top banner Advertisement
  • Setting Navigation Menu
  • Setting Featured Widget
  • Setting Customized Widget
  • Setting Custom Sidebar Widget
  • Setting Comment System
  • Setting Author Description
  • Setting Author Social Links
  • Setting number of posts on each page
  • Customizing theme colors

Tips for Choosing a Blog Template for Adsense 

Blogger Templates to sign up for Adsense

If Adsense has not accepted your blog and you are just trying to register, choose a blog template to register for Adsense. 

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Make sure the template you will use is fully responsive on all gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Simple Website 

It's better to use a simple but attractive theme than a blog theme with too many features or widgets. Visitors visiting your blog to read articles are not strange if a simple blog display Adsense ads are also accessible for visitors to see.

Page Loading Speed 

Blog templates that have fast page loading are trendy with Google. Likewise, the people who visit will feel at home and read many other related articles: that way, the opportunity to get more ad clicks.

Strategic Ad Space 

A good blog theme for Adsense is a theme that provides strategic ad space.

Pixel Blogger Template is a great choice to apply for Adsense, which looks professional for news or magazine blogs and all niches.


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