Best Free and Cool Blogger Templates

Free Blogger Templates

In this article, I will share a Free Professional Blog Template Blogger or Blogspot, a free platform for writing and creating content easy to use for anyone. Many people create websites using Blogspot, whether used for blogging or online business.
In creating a free blog, starting from creating an account, making posts, choosing a name, to customizing a design, one thing you shouldn't miss is choosing a free and cool Blogger theme or template to display your blog design. There are many recommendations for free Blogger templates that you can download and use on your blog in this article.

Criteria for Choosing a Blogger Template

Not all free Blogger templates are suitable for your blog. If you want your blog to be successful, you must pay close attention to the aspects and features available when choosing a Blogger template. 

SEO Friendly

First, your Blogger template must be SEO-friendly. Blogger templates are professionally designed and built for SEO optimization, so they can fulfill the need to rank in Search Engine Results Pages.
In the Blogger template, you should pay attention to metadata, schema, well-organized code, balanced parameter headings and subheadings, alt text image insertion options, correct layout, post widget features, and straightforward navigation menu so that Google can easily find your blog.

Responsive Web Design

A blog template that automatically adjusts the width and size of its elements. Your blog will look professional with a responsive Blogger template because it offers a consistent experience to blog visitors when they visit it from a smartphone or computer.

Blogger templates with responsive designs can also help attract traffic to your blog. In addition to blogs that have SEO-friendly Blogger templates, blogs that have responsive designs are also like Google, so you can have the opportunity to be on Google search results pages. 

Fast Load

In addition to the SEO-friendly Blogger template and responsive design, a fast-loading template is also a good blogger template criterion. Your blog visitors will not run away by loading your blog website faster because they are waiting for the blog to load perfectly. 

The fast-loading Blogger template has a simple design, and few elements and widgets will be displayed, only the most useful and relevant to your needs. This way, your blog website is not 'heavy,' and you get the opportunity to rank on Google search results pages because of high traffic from blog visitors.

Blogger Templates For Personal Blog

Personal blogs usually contain the author's daily stories, cooking recipes, travel experiences, and stories with a partner.










Daisy is a Blogger template with a simple, clean, modern design that adapts to trends and looks professional if you use it as a blog to share your daily stories personally. 

This Blogger template is SEO-friendly, and responsive design, so it looks perfect on all devices. You can insert a large selection of widgets as needed in the sidebar and footer and customize colors and font types according to taste.

This Blogger template can be used for those of you who write about sports. Because there are many sports, on the front page you can also present articles with various categories of sports.

The Photonic Blogger Template is designed to be responsive and specifically for photographers who like to display their portfolios in the form of photos. Your photos are shown with a minimalist, clean and elegant design coupled with a typeface that supports the aesthetic appearance of the blog design.
4. SoraCart
SoraCart is a free Blogger template highly recommended for online shop templates. At the top of the template, there are many clear menu navigations so that potential buyers can directly enter the product category they are looking for. 
SoraCart also has a large banner for you to display your latest or best-selling products. On the front page, each product from various categories appears so that blog visitors can see the variety of products you sell.
5. Sora Store
Sora Store is a free Blogger template suitable for those of you who want to display product photos. On the front page of prospective buyers will be displayed pictures of the product and the product name and category. If you want to see more information, blog visitors can click on it.
Here are the recommendations for free and cool Blogger templates that you can use to change the look of your blog. Choose a Blogger template that suits your needs and tastes. 

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