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Blog content has an essential role for every website, especially for optimized websites to appear in Google's top search results. Duplicate content is a problem that must be avoided for maximum SEO results. To ensure that your content is free from plagiarism, use a plagiarism check website.

Plagiarism is not something that can be tolerated, including by search engines like Google. Search engines may deindex the content. For those of you who are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and writing website or blog content, let's find out some websites to check for plagiarism.

You can use content that passes the plagiarism check for various needs in the digital world, such as SEO and content marketing. You can also find out the importance of articles on the website to ensure that the content created is plagiarized, quality, and SEO-friendly. Here are the recommendations for free and cool Blogger templates that you can use to change the look of your blog. Choose a Blogger template that suits your needs and tastes.

Recommended Plagiarism Check Websites

So that your work is not in vain, please check every article or content created using the plagiarism check site. If the article passes, you can use it for website optimization needs.

Here are some recommendations for free and best plagiarism check websites that you can try. 



One Text is an option for those who want to check plagiarism for free. In other words, you don't need to spend money to register or add a balance to continue using the service. One Text is suitable for various users such as article writers, business people, and academics. You can use this plagiarism check website as a guest with a maximum search limit of two thousand words per day.

 If you want to use the service without limits, you must upgrade to VIP by registering. In addition, you also have to pay monthly or annual fees that can be adjusted to your budget and needs. As someone starting to get serious about working as an article writer, you must try this website.



One website that you can try for the needs of checking articles or content is Quetext which has a perfect and straightforward site appearance.

Users can check their writing for free. However, this website limits the number of checks to 500 words. However, you can use a paid service to check for more words, up to 100 thousand words, or about 200 document pages. 

Dupli Checker

This plagiarism check website is a free website that provides various SEO features and quality content. One of the features you can use is a plagiarism check tool with an accuracy of up to one hundred percent, which is displayed as a percentage. 

The maximum limit for free checking is 1000 words per search if you do an online plagiarism check without using an account and can only do it once a day. Meanwhile, users with accounts can search up to 50 times a day. 

This plagiarism check website has many advantages, including privacy guarantees. The display of results in easy-to-understand proportions is another advantage of Dupli Checker.


Grammarly has a complete and accurate database to check for plagiarism. You can use this website even to check for plagiarism in documents or writings in various languages.

Grammarly is perfect for checking plagiarism of an article, such as articles or content for blogs, and this website offers an online plagiarism check service.



The trick is to enter the website URL, and the tool will work automatically. Maybe not many know that articles published and then copied on other websites can destroy the reputation and affect the ranking of content in Google search results.

You can also use Copyscape to check documents and ensure they are free of plagiarism. However, you must have an account and balance in US dollars ($) to perform the search.

The cost per search varies greatly depending on the number of words in the document you want to check for plagiarism, but it is pretty affordable.


Plagscan provides an online plagiarism check service. To check the authenticity of a document or writing, you can do it in just a few clicks. 

Although the target users of this plagiarism check tool are academics, you can use this website to check the website or blog content before you publish it.


Plagiarism is a website for checking plagiarism that supports more than 190 languages, making it suitable for use in various countries with various languages. 

Plagiarism supports multiple text formats such as TXT, DOC, XLS, etc. If there is a plagiarism sentence in the processed text, this website will display it as a percentage.


There are still many websites for checking plagiarism that you can try and use. However, all these websites have the same way of working.
Make sure you always create duplicate-free content so that your content will be judged as quality, mainly if it is used for marketing purposes and website optimization on search engines.

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