How to submit Your blog to Google News

How to Approve Google News

Google News is one of the essential blog traffic; in managing our blog, we need organic traffic so that the blog statistics are good in the eyes of Google, which ultimately makes the blog a concern. To display your blog appearing on Google News, you need to know how to register for Google News correctly, which this article will describe in full.

What is Google News?
Google News is a Google news service or news feed managed by Google. It focuses on providing news content from various websites worldwide by collecting articles from other sites to be displayed to visitors.

Every day Google collects thousands of articles in various categories ranging from news, blogs, and press releases, and each news comes from different sources. Although the traffic from this newsfeed is organic, its function is entirely different from that of the Google search engine. In addition, the existing articles are more focused on the news. 

Although, in my personal opinion, the word news referred to by Google is somewhat relative. one of the advantages of Google News over other platforms is that it is easy for users to get news by Topic, Location, or News source. For blog owners, earning a place on Google News is an advantage. Imagine, the number of visits to Google News in one month could reach hundreds of millions worldwide. So, if you can utilize this platform properly, the impact will be very positive for your blog. 

If you have unique and quality news content, Google News doesn't hesitate to place it on the Top News list. With this condition, Google will certainly consider your website also worthy of being in the top position of the search engine.

1. Entering Search Engine Pages Easier 

If your blog has successfully registered your website with Google News, the next step is to create the best possible content. Google News will analyze your content whether it deserves to be a Headline. Google News is one of the best ways to get a chance to get to the first page of Google without having to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Increase the Number of Organic Visitors

One of the advantages of Google News is increasing the number of organic visitors. The easier it is for people to find the content they are looking for on search engines, the better your chance of getting organic visitors. The presence of the personalized content feature has a significant influence on high-quality traffic. Users who visit your website will feel happy that your topic is relevant to what they need or are looking for.

3. As an Effective Branding Media

If your website offers good quality content, it will positively impact you, and visitors will often come to your website again. In addition, the reviews that you make about specific topics, your website will be considered an expert in that field. Herein lies the connection with helping and building a brand for websites through Google News. 

4. Chance to Get Lots of Backlinks 

One of the Off-Page SEO optimizations, namely by getting quality backlinks, the more backlinks you get, the greater the user's trust in your website. In general, you must know the function of backlinks in increasing visitor trust in a site.

5. Ad-Free Alternative

 Google News can improve branding effectively. Google News has the potential to bring organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is a visit that comes from search engines, and you don't have to pay anything to get it.

How to Register for Google News 

If you have met some of the requirements above, the next step is to register your blog to Google News. Here's how you can do it: 

1. Sign in with Google Account 

Please enter the Google publisher center by logging in first using your Gmail account.

2. Website Ownership Verification

Next, you need to verify the website using Google Search Console (GSC). Because Google News has its crawler engine, make sure you fill in and add an XML sitemap on your website or blog. 

3. Go to Google News Publisher Center 

Go to the google news publisher center to register the website. Follow the next step. 

4. Adding Website/Blog 

Please add your blog to the "Add Publication" option

5. Fill in Blog Information 

In the Publication setting, fill in the Publication Name with a short sentence that describes your blog, both enters the address of your blog's site, and finally select the country that is the target of the article from your blog.

If all processes have been correct, the last method is waiting for a review from Google News with a review period of 1-3 weeks. That's how to list Google News for blogs and websites. Then you just have to wait for the time, so that website visitors are crowded or experience an increase.


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