8 Popular Fonts in Web Design

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In this article, I will discuss some of the best font recommendations for your website. Many free web fonts providers currently provide quite some font types that you can use on your website, for example, Google Fonts from Google and Typekit from Adobe. 

With the right font, brand communication with the audience will feel more precise. On the other hand, the wrong font risks breaking the connection between what you say to the brand and what it says about itself.

The choice of font or typography on a website will affect the appearance of the website and the user experience, so you have to be careful in choosing a font. Here are some recommendations for free fonts from Biner English Center that you can use for your website.

 1. Lato

Lato is a font designed by Warsawukasz Dziedzic, a Warsaw-based designer, in 2010. In Polish, "Lato" means "Summer". This font was published in December 2010 under the Open Font License by the founders of tyPoland with support from Google.

2. Oswald

Osswald is a rework of the Alternate Gothic font of the early twentieth century. Vernon Adams designed the Oswald font for use on digital devices such as computers and mobile devices. This Oswald font is suitable if placed in the header of your website title.

3. Poppins

Poppins is a geometric sans-serif font designed by the Indian Type Foundry. This font supports over 150 languages, including Hindi and Sanskrit.

4. Roboto

Roboto is one of the most downloaded fonts on the Google Fonts site. Its simple appearance and professional impression make this font attractive to many people. Roboto is widely used in several Google products, such as Android and Chrome OS.

5. Volkorn

 6. Nunito

 The best font for the following website is Nunito. Just like Muli, Nunito is also designed by Vernon Adams for screen display. Nunito has a wide range of thickness levels making this font versatile and exciting to use.

7. B612

8. Work-Sans

Wei Huang designed Work Sans and is based on grotesques (the inspiration for all sans-serif fonts) from the turn of the twentieth century. Work Sans was developed based on grotesques (the inspiration for all sans-serif fonts) from the turn of the twentieth century. Different font weights are designed for various uses; regular and medium weights are intended for text use, while heavier and lighter weights are optimized for display.

Those are some of the best font recommendations for websites; please write them in the comments column if you have other font recommendations.

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