Practical English Conversation for Nurse and Midwifery

English Conversation for nurse

In this article, we will discuss examples of conversations that occur between nurses and their patients. Some medical or medical terms are commonly used in hospitals or clinics. Nurses are the professions that will interact with patients the most because they are tasked with monitoring and caring for patients daily in addition to doctors. 

Common nursing & midwifery interview questions

Have you seen an obstetrician before coming here? 

- No, I haven’t. I just noticed that I haven’t been in my period for 3 months and my husband suggested that I took a pregnancy test.

Have you eaten yet? 

- Yes, I’ve eat this morning

Is it your first pregnancy?

- yes. We weren’t planning for this and it made me worried so much. 

What vitamins do you consume? 

- I consume multi-vitamin tablets and extra Vitamin D every day.

Let me do a physical check. Please pull a deep breath, hold your breath, and exhale. Everything is nice normal blood pressure and no high temperatures.

-  Thank you.

How long have you been pregnant?

- It’s been 10 weeks

Do you suffer from insomnia?

- Well, it was very difficult for me to fall asleep when I went to bed. I also wake up many times during the night.

So, what are you feeling? 

- I still suffer from a lot of heartburn but things get better now. 

Any other thing you want to complain of? 

- Well I’m feeling a lot better.

Let me help you. Take the medicine first, and I’ll call the doctor

- Thanks. I think I need a rest 

Do you smoke?

- No

I think I’ll take your blood pressure as well

- Is there anything to worry about?

No. Everything’s fine

- Yes, I’m so glad everything went well. 

Here let me help you. Do you feel comfortable now?

- Yes, it’s much much better

This is an overview of the conversations that usually occur between nurses and their patients using English.

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